Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Schack-trulpen in English

Today I finally fulfilled an old idea and started this blog, which is equivalent to
schack-trulpen, but in English instead of Swedish. The one and only thing I'll do (more or less), is to post translations of those posts here. It's a little more fun for those of you who I know or simply meet who don't know Swedish. The thought has been with me in a dormant state ever since I started the blog in Swedish.

I take it a bit easy with the updating, and do it in the tempo I feel I can manage. It can mean all between a day and half a year.


As you can see we have a potential grandmaster in the family. That makes me happy. As a chess maniac, I mean.

Artíga is about as happy in chess as the dad. A proud and euforic Artíga shows hir new treasure to the world. A great picture, especially for such a soft parent as I am.

Mmm... chess is good!

These pictures were taken while we spent the winter in Uruguay (South America) and Artíga is 10½ months at the occasion. It was a terrific opportunity to be able to replace cold, snow, ice and darkness with sun, Spanish and warmth for 4½ months. Can we do something similar in the future, then don't be surprised if we hit the road. Just like that.


My friend Jonas Sandberg sent this game to me through the gmail chat. Ge tried to give the impression that ge had played that game today. To me that is humour. So then you know.

1. Na3 b5 2. Nxb5 Nf6 3. Nxa7 Ne4 4. Nxc8 Nc3 5. Nxe7 c6 6. Nxc6 Nb1 7. Nxb8 Ra3 8. Nxd7 g5 9. Nxf8 Qd6 10. Nxh7 Kd7 11. Nxg5 Rh4 12. Nxf7 Rc4 13. Nxd6 Kc6 14. Nxc4 Kb5 15. Nxa3+ Ka4 16. Nxb1

Picture experiment without animals

Now I thought like this. Can't it be fun for someone who doesn't know me, but who likes to read here (do you exist?!), to see what I look like? Of course it's fun to see what I look like.

Because of this I intend to blow the trumpets and give notification of a premiere. The flourish sounds over the area. Then it was this thing about sound on the internet. Nevermind the sound. I'm about to publish a photo here
for the first time. Worth is to experiment. It will for sure be a more comfortable reading-space with a few pictures as filling material.

If the experiment will show benovelent results, there'll probably pop up pictures here and there, also in the older posts (except for the one about chess incontinence).

To the right you see how I look when I'm handsome. Photography by John Green, 2005.

Someone wrote on schackOnline that ze hade watched one of my games during the Swe-Ch. In fact, the very same person wrote an extensive list on players who were interesting to follow during the Swe-Ch. When I jokingly pointed out that I was not included, ze harshly concluded that I wasn't interesting. I thought that was hilarious. And it is sort of true, I and my ego guess.

In any case I was described as having yellow plastic in my ears, not having much hair and being about thirty years of age. People usually tell me that I look like twenty. The question is if that is a compliment. The next question is which of them which is a compliment.

I have high demands on my readers. This blog has had fully 42 readings, where I probably have contributed to most of them. 42 is by the way a magic number. Atleast for us who have read "The Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy" one or several times. A wonderful trilogy of five books written by Douglas Adams.
Just a thing like that.

In order to end this post, I'm intending another portrait picture.

This is what I look like when I am the Devil Santa-Claus. It is actually true.


Photo: Björn Larsson Ask


I thought of something already about two years ago. It is close at hand considering the change that appeared within for instance the world of fotball (
am.eng. soccer). The chess should apply a system of 3 points for a win and 1 point for a draw. The time for change has come.

Go for more daring positions! Hurray for the excitement! It's fun and attracting more audience, if nothing else. It's a bit awkward to suggest that the chess itself would be of a higher quality. It's not for sure, but we would probably see more of chance-takings in serious matches and tournaments.

Defence play can be very creative and advanced. A strong defence can also lead to a win. The prominent attacking play should be one that at the same time includes a sufficient measure of defence. If nothing else because the defender doesn't get time to do anything else than to defend. In attack there is defence, and in defence there is attack. In positional elements there are tactical factors, and in tactical elements there are positional factors.

To dare is to win. Change is to dare. What say you?

Let there be chess!

In the beginning the trulp initiated the chess blog, and the trulp saw the chess and saw that it was good. And the trulp said, "let there be chess". And the chess was.

A blog about chess. Why not? There aren't to many of those out there in the ether, now is there? In any case I got inspired by "trumvirvel" on www.schackonline.com (this splendid site concerning correspondence chess) who has started a blog regarding hir chess playing.

When I write this (by the time I posted this in Swedish, ed.note) I have just begun to play in a club, but since my aim is to become a grandmaster within two years, I reckon my development also can be interesting.

The ambition is to publish some thoughts about chess - this game that doesn't seem to have any bottom - as well as a few interesting games with comments now and then.

Lets see if there will be anything with this...

PS. This is the English version of Schack-trulpen, which is a consideration for all of you who don't speak Swedish. I hope you appreciate it. Or even enjoy. DS.